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Dear American and Canadian visitors,

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We’ve spent a number of months researching 3D die design packages for SOLIDWORKS. After careful evaluation, we have chosen Logopress3 based on several important factors.
A few key factors include:

  • Easy to use and therefore short learning curve
  • It keeps SOLIDWORKS features intact
  • Straight forward and very clean work environment
  • Phenomenal integration with SWx
  • Standard Components are excellent
  • Drawings are very clear and annotations work very well

Theta Industries Ltd - Canada.
TTS Transfer Technology Solutions Inc

Technical overview

Logopress3 American Distributor
.: Die Design from SOLIDWORKS™ & Logopress3™ :.

Our entire line of 3D products has achieved SOLIDWORKS™ Gold Partner status. Every day we continue to improve our software keeping in mind this high requirement of SOLIDWORKS™ integration.

SOLIDWORKS Certified Gold Products

Depending on your needs, 4 packages are available :


Progressive Blank Companion is an option that can be added to each of
these 4 packages.

For further technical information on every module or package, please navigate the links in the left column.